Shady Oaks Boarding Kennel

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The Dog House

 The Dog House is every Dogs Dream Vacation with separate rooms for the

Big & Little Dogs, Our large kennels are suitable for all large breeds or families of small dogs. Kennel sizes range from 4 x 7 ft. to 5 x 7 ft.  Our small dog kennels are in a separate are in a slightly smaller and provide a quieter atmosphere for puppies, elderly or timid dogs Music is played in both areas.


The Daily Dog Routine

All the Dogs get extreme attention, including 3 walks a day, Outside play time,

All kinds of Toys and room to play and just be a dog- No Worries!!

Our Dogs are taken outdoors on walks or in fenced areas 3-4 times daily. Some of our frequent guests are allowed to run in our large paddock with "The Collies of Shady Oaks."


Out Door Pens


Small Kennel                     Large Kennel



Family Sized Kennel



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